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Sunday, 16 December 2012, 0 comment(s)

(CLICK BANNER TO ENTER)Yay! I want to do this challenge for a long time, but I was lazy..But now I want to do it! Well, I'm bored and I already opened my Photoshop, so what the heck right? I just do it...

List top 10 biases. (korean/japanese/others)

2.Jung Ilhoon
3.Lee Minhyuk
5.Kim Myungsoo
9. Tao

1.Introduce yourself or your interests using bias' 4 photo.Make it as a romcom poster/graphic. 
2.Make a light angst/romantic poster using bias' 8 photo.
3.Make a romcom poster/graphic using bias' 1 photo in 4 different colours.
4.Make a romantic/angst poster using your otp of bias' 5 with 3 colours only.
5.Make a dark angst poster using bias' 7 photo with another optional character ( black background) 
6.Make an action/thriller poster using bias' 10 photo.   
7.Make a romcom poster using bias' 2 photo in grayscale with colourful background.
8.Make a gif poster using bias' 3 photo and his/her group members. 
9.Make a or more than 100x100 px icon using bias' 6 photo with the use of colouring  PSD/PS Action.
10.Make a horror poster using bias' 9 photo


1. You can add any other characters in the poster (not more than four) [ unless the number of characters has been stated]

2. Use 550x700 px (optional)


Task 1: Baekhyun (16/12/2012)
Task 2:  Nam Woohyun (17/12/2012)
Task 3: L.JOE (18/12/2012)
Task 4: Kim Myungsoo (20/12/2012)
Task 5: Chanyeol with Kai. (21/12/2012)
Task 6: Luhan (26/12/2012)
Task 7: Ilhoon (27/12/2012)
Task 8: Minhyuk (5/1/2013)
Task 9: Zelo (6/1/2013)
Task 10: Tao (8/1/2012)

COMPLETE! (8/1/2013)

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