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too long actually;
Monday, 10 November 2014, 0 comment(s)

oh jungkook.. a.k.a mr. spreading legs.

Hey you guys! It's been a long time huh? I am very sorry about that. I should have talked more or perhaps blogged more but due to my hiatus and depression and well my busy life, I had to you know.. take a break and in a blink of an eye, a year passed without me knowing. I was really busy with the PT3 exams and also with the drama I had to face this year with making new best friends and best friends leaving me and friends that judges me. I had to face them all but I went through all of them with a brave and strong heart. 

This year is a very challenging year for me and the kpop fandom where, Kris and Luhan left Exo,Jessica was kicked out of SNSD and two.. two of members from one of my favourite groups died in an accident which are Rise and Eunbi from Ladies Code, Sungmin from Super Junior is getting married and also about the Baekhyun and Taeyeon thing and etc.I mean this year was pretty harsh for us kpop fans and also idols obviously. We lost so many people that we care about and yet there are still some people being so immature about it. I don't mind if they want to leave their group because I know... I know that they are tired of the shizz they are going through. 

If I were them, I would just leave and think about my health at least because isn't it better to take care of our health before its too late and the fans would mourn because of their lost? Isn't it better for them to leave? But of course its not my deal but oh well.. Other than the kpop drama I went through this year, I went through a lot of shizz in real life as well. I went back to school earlier this year and well after I went back, things changed. People around me changed and despised me.. or perhaps my whole presence actually. Some even hacked my accounts and that left a big scar to me. 

And of course, I should just forget about it and focus on PT3. Well too bad PMR doesn't exists anymore and too bad I'm in the first batch that were going to face the exams. It was alright of coure but somehow I'm still scared that I would fail terribly and I can't get into my class or major or stream of choice and of course I'm scared that I'm going to make my family and parents down.. Somehow, I started to forget things easily nowadays. I would forget about something recent and act as if I never heard it before. Its as if my memories are just.. Half way remembered you know?

But anyway, this is not the end of me of course. I'm going to stay home and you know, live the life a little before I would face my life as a 16 years old next year. Bye for now, Iman.

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